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L&D provider inrehearsal want to become the ‘Netflix’ of B2B online learning. Having already amassed an impressive client list they needed to elevate their identity so they could progress into the next phase of the company’s life-span, and stand toe-to-toe with other leading competitors.

The new identity required a multi-touchpoint system that works seamlessly across the entire inrehearsal platform. We worked collaboratively with their internal team, channelling a broadcast mentality to develop a flexible system and an identity which would continue to evolve over time, depending on the company’s direction and needs.

As the majority of the learning content is delivered through video, a substantial overhaul of the art direction and motion toolkits was required. Essential to developing a consistent brand tone and maintaining user engagement, the toolkits create an efficient system for the internal team while giving flex for the brand to grow over time.

We turned to Nick Mills, acclaimed Sound Engineer and Producer for artists such as Loyle Carner, to develop the sonic branding for inrehearsal. The end result was an own-able soundscape which evokes a feeling of exploration and discovery.

With inrehearsal’s big ambition to become the Netflix of E-Learning, the new website projects a broadcast aesthetic filled with video and static assets to deliver a dynamic user experience full of eye-catching visuals and messaging.

The fluidity of the new system allows for maximum flexibility for inrehearsal to alter or change key assets when needed without disrupting experience, or communication.

inrehearsal’s courses and platform offer a huge variety of content for their users, as a result we created a suite of adaptive assets to help discern and distinguish the various formats available throughout their app and create greater efficiency moving forward.

We were delighted with the work Studio BND carried out across the inrehearsal brand. It’s allowed us to develop a confident identity, and a hyper efficient system helping us to go out into the world and hold our own against competitors while becoming more economical in the process.

Rhys Little | Founder – Inrehearsal

With Thanks

To Rhys, Ben and the entire inrehearsal team.

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